Zodiac Crystal Bead Bracelet Collection: Earth
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Zodiac Crystal Bead Bracelet Collection: Earth

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Hey there, I'm excited to share with you the Zodiac Bracelet Collection, which includes the Earth bracelet. This bracelet was specifically designed to complement its earth element counterpart in the Zodiac Crystal Collection. You'll notice that it features coordinating colors, themes, and complementary beads that are perfect for earth signs of the zodiac.

The Earth bracelet is made with natural crystal beads and has a size of 7.5" circumference, which fits most adult wrist sizes. The bracelet includes a beautiful combination of 8mm matte picture jasper, Botswana agate, red jasper, moss agate beads, and a 0.5" polished clear quartz point. It's not only stylish but also brings the healing powers of these crystals to your everyday life.

To make things even better, the Earth bracelet comes with a backer card that measures 4"L x 3.75"W. This card provides more information about the bracelet and makes it the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

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