Intention Crystal Candles - Endless Possibilities

Intention Crystal Candles - Endless Possibilities

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☼ Ignite Your Intention ☼

Intention setting candles dressed with Red Salt, Clary Sage, and topped with a Quartz point.

Glass jar candles dressed with red salt, clary sage essential oil, topped with a quartz crystal and sealed with a cork to set sweet intentions and beckon light and beauty.  

Each candle measures 6" tall. Burn time appx 40 hours.

Before igniting, take the included Quartz out and roll in your hands, hold to your heart, close your eye, and take a deep breath. Hold your intention, all the gratitude, and endless energy of love in your mind's eye. Ignite your candle and carry the Quartz point with you while your candle burns or as you feel compelled to do so. You can also keep it underneath your pillow or place on your altar next to your candle. The Quartz is meant to amplify and carry your intention!

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